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Krisdayanti Holds Baby Ameena While Humming, Netizens Are Terrified

Dream – Krisdayanti carried her first granddaughter, Ameena Hanna Nur Atta, while singing a song for the daughter of Aurel Hermansyah. In the video uploaded to Instagram, Ameena is so calm when she listens to her grandmother singing by the pool.

The woman with the stage name KD occasionally smiled and pointed the camera at her granddaughter’s face. Ameena’s appearance in KD’s sling looks so adorable with a red headband.

There isn’t any caption written by the wife of Raul Lemos. Even so, this KD upload was crowded with netizens’ comments after it was uploaded again by a gossip account @rumpi_gossip.

Kridyanti carries Ameena© Kridyanti carries Ameena

Netizens were afraid that Ameena and KD would fall into the swimming pool because they were both standing on the edge of the pool.

I’m horrified to fall,” said the account @dias.ra.

“Why am I the one who’s horrified when I slip, don’t you… Miminkd is a bit reluctant,” wrote the account @nau1498.

Not a few were also excited to see Ameena’s face which seemed to listen to her grandmother’s voice singing.

MashaAllah amina really enjoys her grenmi voice,” wrote the account @lholha_sari.

“It’s so cute, it’s like carrying a doll,” wrote the account @syakila3053.