National Police Chief: Series of Bhayangkara Anniversary Activities The Spirit of Maintaining Unity and Unity

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1NEWS, The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo revealed that the entire series of activities for the 76th Anniversary of Bhayangkara were based on the spirit to maintain the sense of unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation.

Sigit emphasized that the unity, integrity, synergy and solidity of all elements of the nation are the main forces to prevent and deal with all forms of problems faced by Indonesia. Among them is overseeing the implementation of the simultaneous General Elections (Election) in 2024.

“Since June 14, 2022, we have entered the stage of the 2024 General Election. Meanwhile, the 2019 Election still leaves problems that we can still feel today, namely the polarization that divides the community or the nation’s children,” said Sigit at the commemoration ceremony of the 76th Bhayangkara Anniversary. at the Police Academy (Akpol), Semarang, Central Java, Tuesday (5/7/2022).

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By learning from existing experiences, Sigit emphasized that polarization in society should not occur again in the 2024 General Election. The reason is that if you experience the same thing, it will be a setback for democracy in Indonesia.

Therefore, the former Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police stated that the Bhayangkara Anniversary series was used as a momentum to continue to maintain the frame of unity, unity and increase synergy and solidity between elements of the nation.

“To anticipate this potential polarization, the series of 76th Bhayangkara Police Days raised the theme of unity and integrity as well as maintaining and guarding diversity as a potential to revive the community’s economy and develop the potential of Indonesian youth and women who will lead Indonesia in the future,” said Sigit.

The series included health services at IKN which was attended by 51 elements of the nation, Bhayangkara Music Festival, path of change competition, Hoegeng Awards, Gemilang Nusantara Arts Festival, shadow puppet show entitled ‘Semar M’bangun Kahyangan, people’s market, interfaith prayer together, and finally the Bhayangkara Anniversary Ceremony, a folk party and a colossal dance.

On this occasion, Sigit also explained about the important role and success of the synergy between the Government, TNI, Polri, and all elements of society in facing all forms of existing challenges. Starting from controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, guaranteeing and providing democratic space, handling the homecoming flow which was banned for two years due to the corona virus, to distributing social assistance.

Sigit also shared his experience of success with other elements related to the handling and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in a book entitled ‘Police and Pandemic, Extraordinary Steps for Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic’.

“We realize that the Police are still not perfect in carrying out their duties of serving the community, nation and state. However, we promise that we will continue to improve. Always be sensitive and listen to criticism, input, suggestions to the Police, even though they are bitter, we will make evaluations for realizing the Transformation towards a Precise Police. So that the Police are closer and loved by the community, “said Sigit.

Furthermore, the former Banten Police Chief said that the National Police would continue to work together with the TNI and related ministries/institutions in the context of handling natural disasters in Indonesia. This is a form of representation or the presence of the state in a society that is experiencing difficulties.

Sigit hopes that, through the commemoration of the 76th Bhayangkara Day, the National Police will continue to be committed to holding on to the mandate and expectations of the community to carry out their main tasks as well as possible in maintaining public security and order, upholding the law, and providing protection, shelter, and service to the community.

“We hope that the 76th Bhayangkara Day can be a leverage and boost the spirit of best service to maintain the diversity, unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation, as well as oversee and support all government policies to realize the noble goals of the Indonesian nation,” concluded Sigit. []


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