Share Moments With Children Without Henny Rahman, Alvin Faiz Harvests Scorn: Imaging!

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Recently, Alvin Faiz shared a moment on his social media spending time with his children, both the children of Larissa Chou and Henny Rahman.

Alvin Faiz looks happy to be playing with Zayn and Yusuf. Please note that Yusuf is the son of his marriage to Larissa Chou. Then, Zayn is the son of Henny Rahman, Alvin as the father of Zayn.

This can be seen from the upload of the gossip account @rumpi_gossip.

However, the upload drew negative comments from netizens who said Alvin Faiz was doing imaging. Some netizens also think that Alvin Faiz is picky about what Yusuf and Zayn give.

“It really seems that Yusuf needs a strong father figure, ci Larissa.” Write netizens.

“It’s just a formality to be absent from netizens. I don’t think children ever lie about facial expressions.” Another netizen said.

“Keep posting so as not to be scolded by netizens.”

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