“Since when is Dewi Persik Matre?” Angga Wijaya’s wife does not accept being called divorced because of financial problems

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Rumors spread that the cause of the divorce between Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik was due to financial problems, especially since the man who is also his wife’s manager does not have a permanent job, thus making this speculation even more believable.

However, when he was present at the first mediation hearing, the “Don’t Don’t” singer denied that she was divorced from her husband because of financial problems.

He also denied the matre accusations against him by admitting that if he married Angga Wijaya it was not because of wealth. He also gave an affirmation if indeed the property he was looking for would not marry her husband now

“Since when is the history of Dewi Perssik matre? It’s not a financial problem, I see Aa (Angga Wijaya) from the beginning, it’s not a problem,” said the woman who is often called Depe.

“I told you that financial problems are not the one I married,” said Dewi Perssik at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (4/7/2022).

On the other hand, the results of the mediation trial that had been carried out failed and both of them inevitably had to continue to file for divorce.

“Earlier we met Mbak Dewi inside and mediated with the mediator appointed by the presiding judge and the result was that we failed in the media,” said Angga Wijaya.

“Yes, so it remains with the first decision to continue the lawsuit like that,” said Angga Wijaya at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (4/7/2022).

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