Syahrini Family’s Treatment of Employees Revealed, Touched Envelopes When Meeting: Safe?

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1NEWS, Depok —

Syahrini is now known to have returned to Indonesia. His family life is now never out of the spotlight even though he is no longer active in the world of entertainment. Recently, the Syahrini family’s treatment of their employees has been exposed again.

Through the personal Instagram of Syahrini’s sister, Aisyahrani, she seems to be inviting one of her workers. Apparently, he was attending a babysitter’s wedding.

Even so close, Syahrini’s mother also attended the employee’s wedding party. However, Syahrini and Reino Barack seemed absent from the event.

Syahrini’s family seems to use an elite bus to go to the sister’s hometown in Brebes, Central Java. Due to the narrow road access, the group could not enter Aisyahrani’s nanny’s house.

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