Taiwan refuses instant noodles from Indonesia, this is the reason

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1NEWS – The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has detained several ships transporting instant noodles from Indonesia.

The refusal was because the level of pesticide residue in instant noodles was above the threshold.

Not only from Indonesia, several instant noodle products from the Philippines and Japan were also rejected.

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In its weekly food import report Tuesday in Taipei, the FDA said 19 ships were denied entry to Taiwan by the local customs agency, including seven ships carrying instant noodles totaling 4,431.96 kilograms.

Among the merchant ships that were refused entry were carrying 4,074.4 kilograms of Mie Sedap from Indonesia in cup packaging and 327.6 kilograms of Lucky Me from the Philippines in cup packaging, all of which were imported by ELOM Group Company from Taiwan.

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Customs also refused to enter 56.96 kilograms of instant noodles packaged in Acecook cups from Japan, which were imported by another Taiwanese company, Zhong Xin International Development Co.

Given the large number of shipments of instant noodles contaminated with residue from Indonesia, the FDA said that customs officials would increase the percentage of inspection samples for imported food from Indonesia from 5 to 10 percent to around 20 percent.

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Taiwan also refused entry for Best Camellia Oil from China and Queen Victoria teabags from Australia.

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