Tessy Srimulat’s Regret for the Late Wife, Siri Married 6 Times with Other Women

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1NEWS – Kabul comedian Basuki or Tessy Srimulat fainted after his beloved wife, Sri Handayani, died on Monday (26/6) due to diabetes. Tessy admitted that she was very sad.

Tessy expresses deep regret for realizing the shortcomings and mistakes that have been made to her wife. In fact, Tessy felt that she had wasted Sri Handayani.

“I’m a naughty person, I’m a wild person, to the point that I made a mistake with the deceased, I lived in unregistered marriages up to 6 times,” said Tessy Srimulat at the Trans TV Studio, Jl. Tendean, South Jakarta, Tuesday (5/7).

Even though she already has six serial wives, Tessy still prioritizes Ari Handayani. For Tessy, his first wife was irreplaceable.

“But of all that number one is the first wife,” explained Tessy Srimulat.

Tessy was sad why his first wife had to leave him. During 56 years of marriage, the wife is recognized by Tessy as carrying out her duties well.

However, now Tessy has accepted the departure of her first wife, although previously she had not accepted it.

“For 56 years we were separated by God, but why wasn’t I the one who was taken first, why was my wife like that, but what can we do that is God’s will. We must not separate ourselves from our wives, we are only separated by God,” said Tessy Srimulat.

“In my religion, if the wife leaves her husband and the husband is willing to let her go, then that is the way to heaven,” concluded Tessy Srimulat.


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