These 10 Artists Died When The Film They Starred In Wasn’t Finished

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It is not easy to reach the peak of a career, including in the world of entertainment. Many things were sacrificed such as material and time to be able to occupy this position. And celebrities are living examples that hard work pays off.

But age is unpredictable. The heydays that should have been enjoyed, are not yet satisfied by a number of these artists. They died when they were at the peak of their glory. They haven’t even had time to watch the film they starred in. Who are the artists who died while the films they starred in were still being worked on?

1. Brandon Lee, son of action actor Bruce Lee died on set after he was shot at by a gun at work. At that time Brandon was starring in a movie The Crow

Brandon Lee via

2. As we know action actor Paul Walker passed away while he was at the peak of his career. Paul had a traffic accident. Even though at that time he was working for a film fast and furious

Paul via

3. One of the actors who make Asia smell good is Bruce Lee. Unfortunately when he was at the peak of his career he died of a prolonged illness. Even though at that time he was preparing a film Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee via

4. Young serial actor Cory Monteith dies of drug use. Even though at that time he was joining and shining in the series Glee

Cory via

5. Chris Farley is actually the actor who was supposed to play Shrek. But he overdosed on drugs and died in 1997

Chris Farley via

6. At the peak of his career, an accident happened to Russian actor Anton Yelchin. The public was shocked by the loss of the talented actor. Because Anton left several projects, including three films and a television series

Anton Yelchin via

7. John Candy is an actor who is best known for movies Home Alone. When his name just shines and is being joined in a film project Wagon Easthe reportedly died of a heart attack

John Candy via

8. Joaquin Phonix’s sibling, River Phoenix is ​​an aspiring young actor. Unfortunately he died of a drug overdose. If he’s still alive, it looks like we’ll be able to see the acting of these two brothers~

River via

9. Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin died while he was shooting a documentary called Ocean’s Deadliest. Steve dies from stingray poison

Steve via

10. Finally there is Richard Harris. Fans of the Harry Potter films were shocked by the news of the death of the first Dumbledore actor in the middle of film production. The actor died of Hodgkin’s disease which he suffered from. He was later replaced by Michael Gambon since the third film

Richard Harris via

So, those are 10 Hollywood artists who had to die before the film they starred in was finished. Even though they are gone, we can still remember these actors through the works and films they have starred in.


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