These are the characteristics of animals affected by PMK, buyers must be vigilant

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1NEWS – Veterinarian Naufal H Maulana explained the characteristics of the sacrificial animals affected by mouth and nail disease (PMK).

According to him, sacrificial animals affected by this disease often salivate excessively.

“Sometimes even foam comes out of the saliva that comes out profusely,” said Doctor Naufal when met by 1NEWS, Tuesday (5/7).

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Then, Doctor Naufal also said another characteristic, namely the presence of wounds on the nails or the legs.

“Usually the wound is in the middle between the two nails,” he said.

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This, according to Dr. Naufal, can cause the animal to limp and not be able to stand at all or fall.

“For handling, animals must be checked for health regularly every week and monitored until they recover,” he said.

However, Doctor Naufal said that the sacrificial animals affected by FMD could still be sacrificed.

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“There is a recent fatwa from the MUI. Cows or goats can be sacrificed if they have mild symptoms of FMD,” he said.

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