Uhhh, Naughty Ways to Tempt Husband to Make Knee Weak, Get Ready to be ‘Shaken’

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

There are many women who admit that it is very difficult to reach the peak of pleasure during sex. Some women also rate, this is due to lack of stimulation or lovemaking techniques from their partners.

Sexologist Zoya Amirin actually revealed that women can reach the peak of pleasure during sex with more initiative when sex begins. Zoya Amirin reveals tips to seduce her husband in order to achieve satisfaction.

“You can actually take the initiative to start something new, don’t just tell your husband, ‘Mas you have changed,’ said Zoya Amirin.

According to Zoya Amirin, the first way a wife can seduce her husband is to often surprise her husband with things that can trigger sexual desire. For example by sending naughty messages.

“Use all this media (mobile phones) to get closer to your partner, not distance,” explained Zoya Amirin.

“We (wives) don’t have to use any reason to seduce our husbands,” he said.

The second way is to seduce your husband first. If it’s usually the husband who often seduces, there’s nothing wrong with you as a wife also starting control by being flirtatious in front of your husband.

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