‘Who’s the Best?’ Dewi Perssik Frankly Makes Aldi Taher Blush, Angga Wijaya’s Ex-Husband of Auto Panic Appears! Well…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Dewi Perssik is known to have several ex-husbands, because she often gets married and divorced. When he was still with Angga Wijaya, he was still in touch with his exes, Aldi Taher and Saipul Jamil.

Depe is said to have collaborated with one of her ex-husbands, Aldi Taher. They remember the old story of their marriage which only lasted for one year.

Unexpectedly, Depe asked one of the questions that managed to make Aldi blush.

“Among the girls who have been married to Mas, who has the best shake?” asked Depe, quoted through DEWI PERSSIK’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (5/7/2022).

Suddenly Aldi who heard the question was confused and embarrassed to answer it.

“If you can just ask Mas Angga, I don’t have the capacity to answer,” said Aldi.

Responding to his ex-husband, Depe even challenged to call Angga Wijaya, who at that time was still her husband.

“Angga, come, I’m going, because this conversation is more about… Ask Angga,” said Aldi.

“But honestly, is Dewi Persik’s swaying good or not? Honestly, this is a lot of wobbling. All kinds of dangdut swaying,” he said.

Playing it safe and not wanting to prolong the affair, Aldi prefers to answer that all the shakes that have been his wife are delicious because they are halal.

“All wife shakes are delicious because they are halal,” he said.

both of them finally laughed out loud and could not explore any further. Melting the atmosphere, Aldi again added his words.

“Yes, that’s not good, it’s not halal. If it’s halal, it’s delicious,” he concluded.

Seeing Depe’s closeness with his ex-husband, there were also netters who were moved by the moment.

“Ego separates, but sincerity unites. It’s touched to see you guys stay in touch,” wrote the owner of the YouTube account Talitha Azalia.

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