Zipmex Research: Crypto Investors Harvest Money on Thursday

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1NEWS – A research conducted by crypto asset trading company Zipmex Indonesia found that 15.5% of crypto investors prefer to trade on Thursdays.

The research was conducted by examining the behavior of crypto asset investors who transact on the Zipmex platform for a period of two years from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.

According to the Zipmex research team, there are two factors assumed to be the reason for choosing Thursday as the best time to trade according to crypto asset investors.

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The first reason is because historically the possibility of asset value strengthening (bull) mostly occurs on Thursday.

In addition, Thursday is also a day that is in the middle of the week towards the weekend so it is considered to have more free time from work compared to other working days.

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On Monday, for example, the percentage difference in the number of crypto-asset investors trading on Thursday was 7.67% higher.

This happens because Monday is usually the busiest day to start work in the next week after going through the weekend.

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Meanwhile, the most disliked day for crypto asset investors to trade and buy is Sunday. Based on the percentage of the number of investors, the order of the days most favored by crypto asset investors from the largest to the smallest is Thursday (15.5%), Wednesday (14.81%), Tuesday (14.69%), Friday (14.68% ), Monday (14.36%), Saturday (13.41%), and Sunday (12.58%).

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