30 Baby Boy Names Bringing Luck and Fortune, Perfect for the Prospective Head of the Family!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

In choosing a baby name, of course, it should not be arbitrary and arbitrary. This must be decided carefully so that the choice of a name is more identical with the little one.

For moms who are still confused about giving baby names, maybe some references to the names of baby boys carrying fortune and luck can be used as choices, let’s see the reviews!

1. Alvarendra: Lucky, noble-hearted, and intelligent.

2. Asher: Lucky, blessed and happy boy.

3. Alfarizki: Lucky and bringer of sustenance.

4. Atharrazka: Luck of clean sustenance.

5. Basuki: Bringer of good luck.

6. Bejo: Lucky.

7. Budianto: Did well, was smart, was lucky.

8. Dedy: Do well, lucky, smart.

9. Denny: God of rich wine.

10. Derrrien: Rich.

11. Fauza: Get lucky.

12. Fawwaz: Get lucky.

13. Gadman: Luck.

14. Gerik: Spear lord, rich man.

15. Hardhan: Producing wealth, blessed with wealth and prosperity.

16. Haryana: A winner, rich.

17. Hayza: Win when competing because of luck.

18. Jayman: Successful, rich.

19. Jaya: Success, glory, wealth.

20. Kiano: Lucky, smart.

21. Kichiro: Lucky son.

22. Kurniyawan: Ambitious, artist, and lucky.

23. Larzo: Victory, wealth.

24. Lucky: Luck.

25. Lukman: Luck.

26. Mubarak: Blessed with good luck.

27. Muflih: Lucky, successful.

28. Otello: Rich, prosperous, lucky.

29. Sachio: Born with luck.

30. Saiyid: Lucky, happy.

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