5 Artist-Owned Start-Up Businesses, Sites for Matchmaking to Online Shopping

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These 5 Celebrities Turns Out to Have Start Up Businesses, Sites to Find Matches to Online Shopping!

In the digital era, there are many new business opportunities that can be used to increase income. One of them is by doing business start up in several lines of business. Like a series of businesses start up belongs to the following artists.

Become a entertainer indeed a promising profession but also unpredictable. The reason is, a person’s popularity can sometimes be dimmed and replaced by other talents. Aware of this, as well as having an interest in the business field, a number of celebrities are trying to get started start up digitally based.

So, who are they? Here theAsianparent summarizes some of these celebrities.

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A Line of Artist-Owned Start-Up Businesses

This is a line of artists who are trying to spread their wings in the business world start up.

1. Dian Sastrowardoyo

There is no doubt about this celebrity’s artistic career in the Indonesian entertainment industry. Until now, his name still exists and is known by the public.

Not content with success in the entertainment world, Dian also tries to explore other aspects of her career. He is known to have founded a start up photographer service provider in tourist places.

Frame A Trip became the business he started. He as founder bringing innovation in photography services that combines three components, namely technology, tourism, and photography.

Through the frameatrip.com site, this site brings together consumers and photographers who are in more than 400 tourist destinations spread all over the world. On the site there is a choice of the length of the photo session while enjoying the holidays. There is also a photo session with the idol in a professional manner.

2. Artist Giring also Establishes a Start Up Business

These 5 Celebrities Turns Out to Have Start Up Businesses, Sites to Find Matches to Online Shopping!

Already successful as a veteran singer in the country, Giring is known to have spread his wings in the realm of Indonesian politics. Not only that, Giring also developed his interest in starting a business in the field of start up.

He built a site called the Mill. This is a site where you can discuss a lot of entertainment, from movies, anime, to entertainment games. There are also many tips about games and geek others on the site.

Unexpectedly, the site that was originally created to bring fans closer to their idol has now turned into more varied.

3. Deddy Corbuzier

These 5 Celebrities Turns Out to Have Start Up Businesses, Sites to Find Matches to Online Shopping!

Since his appearance in the entertainment world, Deddy Corbuzier has undergone many transformations. Starting from himself as a figure magician until now as content creator until influencer in the field of fitness and health.

After further expanding his work, he finally founded start up formed from passion-in the health sector. He founded readyforfit.com which reviews a lot about the OCD diet or Obbesive Corbuzier’s Diet which was popular recently.

Unfortunately, now the site is no longer accessible.

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4. Christian Sugiono

These 5 Celebrities Turns Out to Have Start Up Businesses, Sites to Find Matches to Online Shopping!

The celebrity couple Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono are indeed known as a family that has an interest in the business world. After their successful career in the entertainment world, they also opened a new line of business in the field of entertainment start up.

In the digital field, the man who is familiarly called Tian also founded a site malesbanget.com. This site is popular among lovers of movies, humor, and various other content.

In addition, he also founded the site Setipe.com. Uniquely, this is a site to bring together those who are looking for a partner, such as a matchmaking application.

5. Start Up Online Shopping Business Owned by Artist Alice Norin

Artist's Start Up Business

Celebrity mom This one also does not want to miss. After getting married and now having two children, it seems that Alice Norin rarely plays in soap operas or on the big screen like before.

Now, he seems to be enjoying his role as the founder of 8wood, a website fashion shopping for millennials. There are many fashion items unique and interesting on the site, one of which is the twin clothes for mother and daughter like the ones she and her baby often wear.

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Those are a series of start-up businesses belonging to the artist in addition to his profession as a entertainer. Is there your favorite celebrity?


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