5 Artists In Debt Hundreds Of Millions To Billions, Who Are You?

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Rising from adversity, these 5 artists have been in debt up to billions

Behind his glamorous lifestyle and looks luxurious, celebrities have also experienced difficult times. Being hit by a problem and having to temporarily borrow money from some people seems to have been felt by some top artists. Even some artists are in debt up to billions of rupiah!

Yes, the saying that life is like a spinning wheel is true, and celebrities are no exception. When disaster strikes, some of them are known to have felt the bitterness of having debts of hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah.

However, thanks to hard work and efforts to pay it off, they are now able to be free from this debt. Who are they?

5 Artists Who Are In Debt

1. Pink Mambo

Maia Estianty’s former duet and partner, Pinkan Mambo, knows very well what it’s like to be at a low point in her life, especially in the economic aspect. When she guest starred on Melanie Ricardo’s YouTube, Pinkan talked about her past.

The 39-year-old singer said that he once had a debt of Rp. 100 million. In that condition he did not have the money to pay off. In fact, even for his family’s daily food needs, he had to struggle to sell to stalls.

Efforts do not betray the results, Pinkan can also be free from debt traps. Now his life is much better and has a showroom business.

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2. Jonas Rivanno

5 Artists In Debt Hundreds Of Millions To Billions, Who Are You?

Celebrity and soap opera actor Jonas Rivano also experienced the lowest point during 2014. The husband of Asmirandah is known to have been in debt of a fantastic amount, up to billions of rupiah.

Reportedly, the debt that Jonas had at that time was in several places. At that time Asmirandah wanted to sell her personal assets but was forbidden by her family.

3. Raffi Ahmad

5 Artists In Debt Hundreds Of Millions To Billions, Who Are You?

Known as an artist who is rich and twisted, who would have thought that a top celebrity like Raffi Ahmad had been at his lowest point. At that time, Raffi was in the middle of a drug case in 2013. The car he used was transported by debt collector for not paying the bill.

After being processed, Raffi, who left BNN, admitted that he had no money at all. At that time, there was no artist partner who helped him to lend money until he finally met Denny Cagur. He also lent money to Nagita Slavina’s husband so that he could rise again as he is today.

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4. Kevin Aprilio

5 Artists In Debt Hundreds Of Millions To Billions, Who Are You?

A young talented musician from the country, Kevin Aprilio, has stumbled upon a debt case at a young age. At that time, Kevin was known to be around 25 years old.

He had a debt of up to IDR 17 billion when he tried to invest in forex which ended in failure. So depressed, the son of Addie MS and Memes almost wanted to kill himself.

However, thanks to the support of those around him, he managed to get up and undo his intention. Now Kevin’s condition looks to have started to improve and rise again.

5. Delon Thamrin

5 Artists In Debt Hundreds Of Millions To Billions, Anyone?

A dropout from the Indonesian Idol talent show, Delon Thamrin, was once at a low point because he was in debt. Unmitigated, the debt is up to around billions of rupiah.

This was revealed to the public when he underwent a divorce trial with Yeslin Wang. The ex-wife revealed that for several years she had to pay off her husband’s debt. The amount of the debt is known because of Delon’s gambling habits that he had done before.

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That’s a series of artists who were in debt in their time until now managed to get back up. Hopefully we can take lessons from their life stories.


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