5 Sightings of Jennie BLACKPINK’s House Worth Tens of Billions

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jennie blackpink house

BLACKPINK’s Jennie caused a stir when she decided to create and share a video touring around her luxury home via YouTube. The appearance of Jennie BLACKPINK’s house can be Parents Look through Jennirubyjane’s official Youtube channel.

The main rapper and lead vocalist of the girl group BLACKPINK achieved great success at a very young age. So, it’s only natural that he spends his wealth on the things he loves, from branded fashion to luxury homes worth IDR 82 billion.

Quoted from zoomtventertainment, Jennie’s house stands in UN Village in Hannam-dong, an elite residential area in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. This elite location of Hannam-dong is also the dormitory address of the K-pop group BTS you know.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s house is in the The House cluster, where houses are built with expensive prices ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 billion won or the equivalent of Rp. 70 billion – Rp. 80 billion, according to the exchange rate of Won to Rupiah on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

5 Sightings of Jennie BLACKPINK’s House That Costs Tens of Billions

Jennie BLACKPINK’s house area is about 450 square meters, and has 2 floors, 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Jennie revealed some interesting things about her house in her first Youtube video entitled Hello World. He also posted several photos of his luxurious residence on his Instagram account. Let’s take a look at some detailed photos of Jennie Blackpink’s luxury house.

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1. All-White Living Room: Minimalist & Luxurious

One of the idols from the YG Entertainment agency has joined as trainee since the age of 14. Since then, he has worked and pursued a career with Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose in the girl group BLACKPINK until now. So it’s no wonder that his successes and achievements have yielded great results like luxury homes in the elite area of ​​Hannam-dong.

In addition to Chanel fashion, Jennie also has good taste in furniture choices for her home.

A peek at Jennie BLACKPINK's house worth Rp. 82 billion in the Korean elite area

Jennie’s main room is designed with interior style minimalist and luxurious. The room is all white, with large glass that adds to the impression luxury. The gray luxury sofa also adds a modern, yet minimalist feel.

The high glass that displays the wide front yard of the house is also the main attraction of this house.

2. Jennie’s Bedroom, Comfy Private Room

jennie blackpink house

In the vlog that Jennie posted on her Youtube channel, she seemed to be in her very bedroom comfortable.

Just like the rest of us, our room is one of those personal spaces that we fill with pleasure items that make us feel at home. One of them is a comfortable mattress! Regarding this, netizens had time to find out the price and brand of the mattress that Jennie used.

Jennie’s mattress brand is allegedly Hastens, a luxury mattress and bedding brand from Sweden. The bed is from the Herlewing brand which is estimated to be worth USD 28,625 or around Rp. 400 million. Wow!

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3. Modern Kitchen with Complete Furniture

jennie blackpink kitchen

In her account, Jennie also posted a photo of herself cooking in the kitchen. This scene makes fans wonder if it’s really part of the kitchen, because of the clean and beautiful appearance of the room.

A peek at Jennie BLACKPINK's house worth Rp. 82 billion in the Korean elite area

The kitchen looks like a classic work of art, with modern furniture making it Parents want to cook all day.

4. Private Gym Room, Jennie’s Fitness Key

jennie's gym room

Jennie, who debuted solo with a single titled “SOLO” on November 12, 2018, has a very athletic body. It turns out that the key is diligent exercise.

Jennie’s exercise routine is also supported by equipment gym qualified who is also in his house. Who is not amazed by space gym Jenny’s personal?

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5. Laundry Room with Advanced Washing Machine

jennie blackpink house

Another photo shows laundry room at Jennie BLACKPINK’s house. Jennie is seen posing near a sophisticated washing machine.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie got the nickname “Human Chanel” because of her good fashion sense and leaning towards the French brand. Besides Chanel, Jennie also collects well-known fashion items such as Gucci, Lanvin, and Givenchy.

Wow, are her Chanel clothes laundry in that room too? For the full view of Jennie’s house, you can watch the video entitled Hello World. From Jennie, on Jennie Blackpink’s official Youtube channel. What do you think Parents about Jennie BLACKPINK’s house?

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