6 Modern American-Style Artist Houses That Are All White, Magnificent!

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6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

Having developed over time, the design and model of the house will usually follow the preferences of the owner. For example, the design of a modern, stately and minimalist all-white house in the American style has been chosen by the following series of celebrities. Carrying a distinctive all-white and majestic style, several American-style artist houses are also in the spotlight.

Not only the concept is magnificent, this all-white and luxurious residence is also designed with attention to aspects of comfort and beauty. Inspired by a modern yet classic American style, this elegant residence also has a variety of pampering supporting facilities.

Even though the outside of the house is designed with a dominant white color, the interior of these houses is still elegant and not boring with the selection of minimalist furniture and soft and earth tones. The classic concept that is carried also makes the design of the house look beautiful and timeless.

Well, let’s take a peek at the various design concepts for the following magnificent celebrity homes in modern and classic American style.

A Row of Magnificent and Elegant American Style Artist Houses

This is a row of luxurious American-style celebrity homes, can be a reference for you.

1. Natalie Sarah’s all-white, minimalist American house looks elegant

In her social media, Natalie Sarah often shows a corner of her classic American house. With all-white and cream shades, the interior of the house looks comfortable and bright. Make you feel at home, yes!

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2. Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu’s luxurious yet minimalist residences are equipped with various furniture in earth tone and nude colors

6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

The concept of American housing does not always have to be all white. Like the residence of the celebrity couple Shireen and Teuku Wisnu, which accentuates warm nuances with nude color tones on various furniture. Still looks elegant, right?

3. The outside of Uya Kuya’s house is so majestic and accentuates a modern American feel

6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

Having several property assets, one of Uya’s residences in a big city is also in the spotlight because it looks majestic in modern America. The building with large and spacious pillars looks luxurious!

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4. The luxurious house of senior dancer Iis Dahlia also carries a modern and luxurious all-white American theme

6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

Not only is his house luxurious, the residential environment of the dancer Iis Dahlia also looks spacious with a garden around the house. The white nuance in his residence further emphasizes the elegant side, yes. This residence is estimated to have mortgage installments of up to 250 million per month, you know.

5. One of Nikita Willy’s residences looks elegant with an American feel and a dominant cream color

6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

The young actress who will soon become a mother, namely Nikita Willy owns one of the assets of a magnificent property with a modern American style hook house model. From the outside, it looks comfortable and elegant, right!

6. Elegant, luxurious, white, and clean are clearly reflected in the residence of the young actress Prilly Latuconsina, which has a strong classic American nuance.

6 Modern American-Style Artist's Houses, Magnificent All White!

Prilly also chose the all-white nuance of modern America for her residence, both from the exterior and interior. This house is estimated at 20 billion!

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That’s a series of American-style artist houses that look modern and luxurious. Do you agree that the celebrity residence looks comfortable and elegant? Hopefully it can be a residential inspiration for you, yes.


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