8 Female Artists Who Have Six-Pack Belly. Makes Us Motivated to Workout and Live Healthy

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Because working in the entertainment world, many artists pay attention to appearance. They try to keep their diet so they are not overweight. These artists also exercise regularly to look good. Someone likes jogging, swimming, fitness in gym, and many more. Habits that make their body shape so good. Even until there is a stomach six packs!

Different from the usual tight stomach, stomach six pack boxy because the muscles are formed. It’s not only boys who can have it. Girls can stomach too six pack with regular exercise. Let’s look at the row of female artists whose stomachs are like torn bread~

1. As an international artist, Agnez Mo really takes care of her body. He is diligent in exercising in the gym until his stomach becomes six pack. Cool!

Very cool via www.instagram.com

2. Andien Aisyah is known to like to live a healthy life. He tried many kinds of sports, from Pilates to sit-ups in various variations. Unknowingly, her stomach becomes boxy~

Andien shows off his stomach via www.instagram.com

3. For the sake of playing a role in action films, Julie Estelle deliberately builds her body to be muscular. He also hired the services of a coach at gym so that the sport is maximized

Look sexy via www.instagram.com

4. Cinta Laura often shows off pictures of her beautiful belly six pack on social media. Thanks to her good body, she looks good in any clothes

Nice body via www.instagram.com

5. Juria Hartmans, the artist who was once rumored to be close to Gading Marten, also has a stomach six pack. Moreover, she likes to wear revealing clothes, so her beautiful belly is more visible

Slim yes via www.instagram.com

6. I like it so much fitness, Pevita Pearce to have a body like a bodybuilder. It’s not just the stomach six pack. The rest of the body is also muscular!

Very muscular via www.instagram.com

7. Andrea Dian often exercises with her husband, Ganindra Bimo. No wonder his stomach is tight and looks like torn bread. Cool huh~

Healthy and fit via www.instagram.com

8. Always looking good as an artist, it turns out that Nabila Putri has a habit of exercising regularly. The results of his hard work make him belly six pack

Make me fascinated via www.instagram.com

The bodies of these artists are so cool! So that the stomach stays six pack, they must exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. So you can’t be lazy. If you want to have a stomach six pack Also, let’s imitate their habits!