Allegedly Retiring After Terminating Contract With P NATION, Jessi Releases Clarification! | Kpop Chart

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One of South Korea’s leading female rappers, Jessi was previously known to have terminated her contract with P NATION, the agency handled by PSY.

This was conveyed by the agency on July 6, 2022 through an official statement.

“Hello, This is P NATION.

First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has sent a lot of love and care to Jessi.

We inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi has just ended.

With P NATION since its inception until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and relentless efforts. The process and its achievements are a source of positive and enjoyable motivation for every member of P NATION.

We will continue to support Jessi’s future journey as an artist, and we will continue to support her diverse activities.

We thank the many fans who appreciate Jessi, and we ask that you continue to provide warm encouragement and support. Thank you.” agency clear.

With the expiration of Jessi’s contract with P NATION, there were also various rumors stating that the rapper had now left the world of South Korean entertainment aka retired.

Responding to the rumors, Jessi clarified directly through his personal Instagram at around 22.00 WIB.

“I understand people will assume from my current state, but the truth will be revealed in the near future.

Sincerely, please give me some time to recover my mind and breath a little (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing is for sure that this girl (Jessi) is not retiring. I’m just getting started. Thank you to Jebbies (Jessi’s fan) for the immeasurable love and support, and also I love you P NATION,” Jessi wrote in her Instagram post.

What do you think about the rumors that dragged Jessi’s name? (1NEWS)