Already Like Their Own Mothers, These 8 Celebs Are Very Familiar With Their Mother-in-law. Cool~

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Sometimes, the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law is colored by bickering. The causes also vary, ranging from differences in nature to habits. But this is not a problem for some artists. They are actually closely related to their respective mothers-in-law. Not only visiting each other, they also often spend time together. It’s just like a mother and daughter!

Let’s look at the portrait of the closeness of celebrities with their mother-in-law. This is proof that in-laws and in-laws can also get along. Can be an inspiration for all of us~

1. Tasya Kamila is close to her husband’s family, Randi Bachtiar. Several times Tasya came to an event with her mother-in-law named Rama Bakar

It’s like a child and a biological mother via

2. After marrying Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina became close to her mother-in-law, Amy Qanita. In fact, the two of them often appear together on television shows

Nagita Slavina and her mother-in-law via

3. Because she married Ardie Bakrie, Nia Ramadhani became a member of a conglomerate family. Nia often shows her closeness to her father and mother-in-law

Familiar with the Bakrie family via

4. So close, Alyssa Soebandono was considered her own child by her mother-in-law. No wonder Alyssa and Dude Herlino’s household is very harmonious~

Son-in-law and in-laws both wear hijab via

5. Even though they rarely see each other, Bunga Citra Lestari seems close to her mother-in-law who lives in Malaysia. Sometimes they also visit each other

Son-in-law from Indonesia, mother-in-law from Malaysia via

6. Singer Rinni Wulandari is close to her husband’s family, Jevin Julian. Even when Rinni was about to give birth, her mother-in-law named Ida Hannas accompanied her

It’s cool if you get along like this via

7. In addition to her biological mother, Sandra Dewi has a mother-in-law who cares for her. This Harvey Moeis wife looks familiar with the two

With biological mother and mother-in-law via

8. Having a career as a model, Annisa Pohan is very close to Ani Yudhoyono. Annisa accompanies Ani to do cancer treatment until her death picks up this First Lady

Accompany until the end of life via

Wow, it’s nice to see the closeness of celebrities with their respective mothers-in-law. May they always be familiar in supporting each other. So I want to have a close relationship like them~