Called Eating Talk After Teuku Ryan Acting Hugs Girls, Ria Ricis Gives Clarification

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ricis clarification about ryan

The young YouTuber couple Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan have always been in the public spotlight. The reason is, they always appear friendly and compact at various events, so they often make waragent baper. However, this time it was not the intimacy of the two that became the talk. But Ricis’s words that had forbidden her husband to come into contact with the opposite sex even though only acting while filming.

The reason is, not long ago, there was actually a video clip of Ryan hugging a girl in the soap opera he was starring in. In response to this, Ricis finally opened his voice to give an explanation to the public.

Netizens were excited after a video clip of the scene of Teuku Ryan hugging a girl circulated

Screenshot of Ryan hugging his co-star in soap operas | TikTok Ricistr’s photo

At first, netizens were shocked by the circulation of clips of the scene where Ryan hugged his co-star in a soap opera. It is known that the two act as brothers, not a couple. As a soap opera player, instead of being considered natural because the hug was just an act, the netizens were excited.

Since having a relationship with Ria Ricis and starting to appear in the entertainment world, Ryan is indeed known as a person who is very polite and good at keeping his views. He didn’t even dare to touch Ricis before getting married. This is what surprised netizens when the video clip went viral on social media.

Ria Ricis’s statement prohibiting hugging and touching scenes with the opposite sex

ricis clarification about ryan

When Ricis conveyed his ban on Ryan on YouTube Shine Shine | Shine Shine . YouTube screenshot photo

After the Ryan video clip circulated, Ricis’s previous remarks in a video podcast on the YouTube channel Shine Shine was again discussed by netizens. The reason is, when asked if he allowed his husband to enter the world of soap operas, Ricis actually put forward a condition by prohibiting his husband from touching the opposite sex, even if only acting in soap operas.

“(You can) but the condition is that you can’t touch it, you can’t hug it, let alone kiss it. Even if it’s just acting,” said Ricis.

Ricis’s words initially did indeed make netizens salute the principles they hold. However, since the release of Ryan’s video, it has made netizens even more excited, because the ban still happened, Ryan still hugged his co-star in soap operas even though it was only acting.

This made Ricis and Ryan the talk of the town. Many criticized Ryan, thinking he had changed and could not maintain Ricis’s trust, but many also criticized Ricis for confusing netizens with his words.

Ria Ricis’s clarification that supports her husband’s career in the entertainment world


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After Ryan’s video and Ricis’s previous words went viral, Ricis finally spoke up. This YouTuber whose full name is Ria Yunita responded to a netizen’s question asking his opinion about Ryan being close to another girl, when he did live on TikTok not too long ago.

“No (not close to a girl) that’s his co-star on FTV. His name is also a person filming, competing for acting, “said Ricis.

Ricis considers that in the entertainment world, you cannot limit collaborating and collaborating with anyone if you want to develop and know your abilities in creativity. This is what makes Ricis not want to limit Ryan in his work and career.

In fact, Ricis also admits that he always accompanies his husband on the set, so he knows very well the scene that Ryan is doing.

“People’s names are also halal, looking for work. After all, I also accompanied my husband to shoot really. I also saw the scenes,” added Ricis.

This 27-year-old woman also asks for understanding from netizens, because after all she and her husband both work in the entertainment world so they can still understand each other. Ricis also admitted that he was happy because his husband could be more developed in the entertainment world today.

“So please huh guys the meaning, because we are working in the field of entertainment. I entertain, my husband also entertains. And we’re both like, well, we’re both professionals, we know each other. I’m also happy that my husband can expand his wings,” said Ricis.

Even though Ricis has clarified, many netizens still think that Ricis and Rian have confused them because they have violated the principle that they both believe in, namely by keeping themselves from coming into contact with the opposite sex.


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