Chancellor Moestopo Exposes Mayang’s Lies About Getting a Scholarship and Being Accepted at the Faculty of Dentistry – Latest Celeb News

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Some time ago, Mayang, who was the younger sister of the late Vanessa Angel, made a scene by admitting that she had entered the Moestopo Faculty of Dentistry (FKG).

In fact, Doddy Sudrajat’s daughter also claimed to have received a scholarship to study at FKG Moestopo. Though the scholarship is not from the campus, but individuals.

In addition, Mayang herself is known to have just registered and still has to go through the selection stage to enter the faculty. In this regard, the Chancellor of Moestopo University said Mayang could not receive the scholarship.

“It is true that (Mayang) is registered as a candidate. Regarding scholarships, Moestopo does not provide scholarships,” said Prof. Dr. Paiman Raharjo, Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr. Moestopo, in his office, Tuesday (6/7).

Paiman Raharjo said that Moestopo University did provide several categories of scholarships for its students. However, from a number of registered scholarships, Mayang did not meet the requirements.

“There are scholarship criteria from Moestopo, there are Smart Indonesia Card scholarships, Bidik Misi scholarships, then special scholarships for the descendants of the late Prof dr Moestopo. For the scholarship, Moestopo cannot give it to Ms. Mayang,” he said.

Furthermore, Mayang did not meet the standard score to pass the Moestopo Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) selection. Because the standard value for passing is not achieved, the scholarship will automatically fail.

“So in the world of education, especially in FKG, this is not a joke. There is no kongkalingkong intervention, there is no entrustment. If you don’t pass, you don’t pass,” he concluded.