Facts about the Babarsari Riot, Caused Damage to Facilities, until the Victim’s Hands were Wrong Target Dropped – Boombastis

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Inter-group riots are common. The conflict between the two camps can occur due to internal and external factors. The trigger could be just a trivial problem and something that can actually be resolved properly without violence.

Like the riots that just happened in Yogyakarta and were reported virally in various media. This case occurred in Babarsari, Sleman on July 4, 2022 yesterday. This is not the first time, it turns out that Babarsari is an area that often experiences riots. No wonder it was dubbed Gotham City by netizens. So, what caused the recent riots? Check out the following reviews.

Starting from not paying bills

Starting from one of the groups, let’s call it group L, who on Saturday (2/7/22) was at the Glow karaoke entertainment center in the Babarsari area. The riots occurred allegedly because they had not paid the bill, until the karaoke party called security. It is known that the security forces are a group (let’s call it group K), which are Papuans. Actually, they didn’t want any fuss over this matter, but it wasn’t that easy.

Riots in Babarsari Sleman [sumber gambar]

After the problems that occurred at karaoke, it turned out that group L attacked a house in the Jambusari area, Sleman, at around 05.00 WIB on the same day. The riots were inevitable, there were several injured and the facilities were damaged.

Motorbike to shop damaged due to riots

The impact of the riots that occurred in Babarsari was that several facilities were damaged. Among them, seven motorbikes were damaged and several shop houses were also damaged. The fire looks lit because they burned a chair in front of the shop. A number of karaoke facilities were also damaged. Each of the 3 people from the two groups who clashed suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized.

Damage due to the riots that occurred [sumber gambar]

A student from Papua became the victim of a wrong target, even though he did not know about the clashes between the two groups. The victim named Dibrilian Jornes Tawarisi Rumbewas, who is a student at the Yogyakarta National Institute of Technology University, became a victim of violence until his arm was severed. The victim’s representative has reported to the police so that the perpetrator is immediately arrested.

Police pocket the identity of the perpetrator

After the riots occurred, the authorities examined several people at the scene and pocketed the identities of the rioters. So, in the near future will be processed legally.

Sultan Hamengkubuwono X [sumber gambar]

Yogyakarta Governor Sultan Hamengkubuwono X also gave a response to take firm action against those involved in the riots. He is ready to be a mediator for both parties if requested. And hope that this incident will not happen again, and that public peace will be maintained.

Not the first time

Riots by ojol groups and debt collectors [sumber gambar]

As mentioned earlier, there have been frequent riots in Babarsari. One of them happened in 2007, between students involving groups of students from private universities in Yogyakarta and outside the province. It did not stop there, in 2012 there was a riot between residents and students from Timor Leste. Likewise, in 2020, there were also clashes between ojol and debt collector triggered by the occurrence of beatings by debt collector to an ojol.

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This is certainly a concern of various circles, because Yogyakarta is known as a quiet area and rich in history. However, this riot made the dark history of the Yogyakarta riots even more. Hopefully this case will be over soon and all parties will get justice