Fuji Buys Sacrificial Cows for Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah – Latest Celeb News

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Since the departure of the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah, Fujianti Utami alias Fuji has become known to many people. In fact, when he decided to jump into the world of entertainment, his name was getting more and more famous.

Fuji itself is known to have starred in a number of films and commercials. Of course, at this time, Tariq Halilintar’s lover no longer bothered Haji Faisal, his father because he already had his own income.

As a form of gratitude to his late brother and sister-in-law, Fuji at this moment of Eid al-Adha bought several cows, two of which were intended to be rewarded for Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah.

“Yes (bought for Vanessa Angel’s sacrifice). If I’m not mistaken, he bought two,” said Delia Septianti when met in the Cipete area, South Jakarta, recently.

Delia Septianti said that Fuji and Tariq also bought one more cow to donate.

“(For) Fuji and Tariq (personal) they have already bought it. Today (buy a cow) for kayaking to share love with their team. Alhadmulillah, we have one cow that weighs 490 kg,” concluded Delia Septianti.