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1NEWS – Infidelity in a relationship is very painful. This of course can cause confusion, anger, disappointment, and heartache all at once. Infidelity often leads to a relationship ending in separation.

As it turns out, infidelity can also be long-term and devastating to a person’s mental health. Launch page hellodocthere are some long-term effects of infidelity that need to be known.

Causes symptoms similar to PTSD

Infidelity can cause symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress or PTSD. Some common symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, and obsessions about pleasurable events going through with a cheating partner.

A cheated person may also experience hyperarousal and become reactive to any perceived threat to oneself or a relationship. As a result, the person can experience disturbances in sleeping and eating patterns.

Difficulty trusting someone

Physical and emotional affairs hold the main key in a relationship, namely trust. When you’ve been cheated on, you no longer have or so much trouble trusting your partner. In fact, infidelity can also lead to trust issues in future new relationships.

Weakened self-confidence

People who are cheated on tend to compare themselves to their ex’s mistress. In addition, feeling that you have been replaced by someone who is considered better can also weaken the self-confidence of someone who is being cheated on. This condition makes a person not only injured but may also be very traumatized by the actions of the cheating partner.

Impact on the brain

Falling in love has a relationship with the release of the hormone dopamine which can trigger feelings of euphoria, which can lead to addiction. When someone feels hurt due to infidelity, it can trigger changes in the chemical release pathways in the brain that are similar to withdrawal symptoms in drug users.