This is the reason Susan Sameh exposed the case of harassment at the shooting location – Latest Celeb News

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It seems that soap opera actress Susan Sameh has been a victim of sexual harassment while working on the set. This happened when he was shooting the film Dear Nathan.

Before opening the matter to the public, Susan Sameh could only hide the case. It took him quite a long time to finally have the courage to reveal his bad experience.

One of the reasons was that Susan Sameh didn’t want the perpetrators to dare to do the same thing to her if she chose to remain silent.

“If I keep quiet, more people will be brave,” said Susan Sameh when met in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, recently.

With what she has done to reveal the bitter things in life, Susan Sameh hopes that women who experience the same thing will have the courage to speak up.

“I hope that women will speak up even though (harassment) is not easy to become a victim of sexual harassment,” concluded Susan Sameh.