Adhie Massardi: If Criticism Is Criminalized, Fight It!

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1NEWS, Former spokesman for President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gusdur), Adhie Massardi highlighted the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP).

Through his Twitter account, Adhie firmly rejected the RKUHP. Because, the regulation states that insulting regional heads is threatened with imprisonment.

“The people have paid dearly for the (financial & social) costs of electoral democracy that have produced public officials (mayors, regents, governors, presidents, central/regional DPR, DPD),” said Adhie Massardi, quoted from the Twitter account @AdhieMassardi on Thursday, July 7 2022.

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Furthermore, he said the fee was an investment in people’s shares to be able to control the government’s power.

Therefore, Adhie Massardi emphasized that if criticism of public officials could result in a crime, this must be resisted.

“So if the criticism is punished, AGAINST,” he said.[]


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