Buya Yahya’s Study: Non-Akikah People Can’t Sacrifice

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1NEWS – The caretaker of the Al-Bahjah Islamic Boarding School in Cirebon, Buya Yahya, explained about the Islamic study of the law of sacrifice for people who are not akikah.

This was revealed by Buya Yahya in a lecture uploaded on the Al-Bahjah TV YouTube channel on March 4, 2016.

Buya Yahya said that Muslims must know the law of sacrifice for people who are not akikah.

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According to Buya Yahya, many people misunderstand the law of sacrificing for unbelievers.

“On Eid al-Adha, there is a law to sacrifice for people who are not akikah,” said Buya Yahya, quoted by 1NEWS, Thursday (7/7/2022).

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Buya Yahya considered that both sacrifice and aqeekah were sunnah muakkadah, meaning that they were highly recommended and prioritized to eat.

“Akikah is a sunnah that is imposed on parents to be grateful for their children. As for the sacrifice, it is myself, I have children, so I, my wife and children, make sacrifices, if 10 is 10, 12 is 12,” explained Buya Yahya.

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According to Buya Yahya, if you can’t sacrifice 10, you can only make 1 to represent 1 family.

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