Denny Cagur’s touch made Nikita Mirzani misbehave, this part was stroked by the Nyai: I immediately softened…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Nikita Mirzani spontaneously hugged Denny Cagur after being given a compliment. The woman who is familiar with the greeting Nyai admitted that she ‘melted’ hearing the sweet words uttered by Denny Cagur. Unable to stand Denny’s sweet attitude, Nikita immediately embraced the waist of the husband of Santi Cagur.

This moment was recorded on the Crazy Nikmir REAL YouTube channel. Some time ago, Denny had the opportunity to visit Nikita’s residence to collaborate on YouTube content. Nikita doesn’t want to waste her meeting with Denny Cagur.

As a result, both of them are immersed in the chat about life. Nikita deliberately explores Denny’s career in the Indonesian entertainment world. In fact, new facts have been revealed which say that Denny is currently entering politics and joining the PAN party.

The conversation continued to discuss the realm of Denny’s household with Santi. Nikita also briefly discussed whether Denny wanted to get married again or have polygamy.

When asked about polygamy, Denny answered wisely. Denny did not want to hurt the feelings of his wife and children, if he had to marry another woman.

Denny’s presence at his residence, Nikita acknowledged, made him feel comfortable. What’s more, Denny was already considered as an older brother. It was so comfortable, Nikita and Denny’s conversation lasted so long that the two of them were not aware of it.

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