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1NEWS East Kalimantan – The jewelry theft case that was experienced by the dancer Dewi Perssik at the Sultan Aji Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport in Balikpapan on June 19, 2022, was revealed.

The Balikpapan Police managed to arrest RS, an airport worker, who stole Dewi’s necklace and gold bullion, Sunday (3/7).

RS’s actions made Dewi lose hundreds of millions. During interrogation, RS admitted to stealing three pieces of jewelery from Dewi’s suitcase.

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The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Balikpapan Police, Kompol Rengga Puspo Saputro, said that his party confiscated evidence in the form of three pieces of jewelry.

“For the gold necklace, one of the necklaces bears the name Dewi Perssik,” said Rengga, Wednesday (6/7).

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He explained that the incident began when Dewi Perssik was invited to appear in a political party event in Balikpapan, Saturday (18/6).

After performing, Dewi returned to Jakarta using a Lion Air plane.

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When she arrived home, Dewi was told by her assistant, Riski Sobari, that her suitcase had been burglarized.

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