Expressing Condolences to This Anti-Communist Figure, Jackie Chan Criticized by Chinese Netizens

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1NEWS – Martial arts star Jackie Chan took to social media to pay tribute to the late Hong Kong novelist and screenwriter Ni Kuang, who died at a cancer rehabilitation center on Sunday 3 July.

Best known for his series New Adventures of Wisely, Ni Kuang is considered one of the “four greatest talents in Hong Kong”.

In his Weibo post, Jackie wrote: “What happened today… I just found out that senior Ni Kuang has also left us. One of Hong Kong’s talents that represents the splendor of an era.”

However, this simple tribute infuriated Chinese netizens who criticized Jackie for mourning anti-Communists and anti-China criminals.

Ni Kuang is known to be very critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in his works. In 1957, this Shanghai-born writer fled to Hong Kong to escape the CCP and vowed never to return to China.

“People like that don’t deserve to be remembered,” netizens condemned Jackie Chan.

“You have no principles,” said another.

“The national interest is above all, as long as they are anti-China, they will be blacklisted,” netizens commented.

Even so, not a few also defended Jackie by calling netizens “desperate” and “full of hostility”.

Jackie is apparently not the only star who has received criticism from netizens for expressing his condolences to Ni Kuang. Hong Kong actress Monica Chan has also come under fire for sharing posts about Ni Kuang’s death.


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