‘I’m Really Crying…’ Failed to be the Grand Mistress at the Sule Palace, Naomi Zaskia is annoyed with the public because of this one thing: It’s like I’ve forgotten it!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Beauty, still remember the beautiful artist Naomi Zaskia? In the past, his figure was in the spotlight after news broke that he was in a special relationship with a comedian Sule. After divorcing from Lina Jubaedah, Sule was often rumored to be in a relationship with a number of beautiful women before finally marrying Nathalie Holscher.

Naomi Zaskia became one of the artists who was widely reported to be in a relationship with Sule at that time. The two of them are often seen together on various occasions. Not yet fighting, Naomi and Sule also often made content together at that time.

Over time, Naomi and Sule’s relationship just melted away since the two of them were increasingly rumored to be dating. Even though she has moved away because of the issue, Naomi is still known as the ex-boyfriend of Rizky Febian’s father.

Apparently, it was able to make Naomi Zaskia depressed. Naomi again told about her relationship with Sule through the Rupi Trans TV program, June 24, 2022.

“At a low point, I really cried. People don’t know there are too many stories,” said Naomi, quoted from the Trans TV Official YouTube channel.

Naomi feels pressured when she is said to want to marry Sule.

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