Japanese Media Reviews About Arhan’s Primary Debut: Misplaced and Rarely Passed

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“There are still more matches to come. Hopefully they will continue to be played…”

1NEWSPrimary Arhan back in the spotlight after making their debut together Tokyo Verdy. He went down in the 2022 Japanese League Second Division (J2 League) when he traveled to Tochigi SC headquarters at Kanseki Stadium, Wednesday (6/7) afternoon WIB.

Arhan appeared as a starter and was trusted to fill the position of the right wing striker. Not the original position. He played for 45 minutes of the first half.

Featured appearance Indonesian National teamit also received attention from the Japanese media, Nipponese. In his review,
Nipponese was honest by saying that the 20-year-old rarely gets passes by his team-mates.

“Pritama Arhan has not proven much in this first match because he is not the target of a teammate’s pass, he also rarely has the opportunity to hold the ball,” wrote Nipponese.

However, Nipponese also highlighted Arhan who was trusted to pick up set pieces and produce several key passes.

“Even so, Arhan is believed to be the dead ball kicker, precisely in the corner kick situation. As a winger, Arhan also made two crosses, one of which gave an opportunity for the team based at the Ajinomoto Stadium,”

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In the 5th minute, Arhan took a corner. Unfortunately, the ciamik pass can still be punched by the goalkeeper Tochigi SC. Meanwhile, Arhan’s best moment arguably occurred in the 38th minute. At that time, he released a beautiful cross to Junki Koike who was in the penalty box and managed to release a shot towards the goal.

Apart from that, Nipponese also criticized Arhan for making mistakes in his positioning, this is understandable because it takes time to blend in with the team so they can understand each other.

“Besides, former player PSIS Semarang often in the wrong position when you want to receive a pass from a player Tokyo Verdy. It’s clear that he still needs the opportunity to blend into the team’s style of play and looks understandable.”

As for the game ending for victory Tokyo Verdy with a score of 1-0. Thanks to the achievement of these three points, the position of the team made by Hiroshi Jofuku rose to number 9 with a collection of 35 points.

Then on the 26th week, Tokyo Verdy will return to play away against Omiya Ardija. So, will Primary Arhan regain the trust to compete? Let’s wait.

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