Mbah Koplak’s Struggle to Open a Stall at the Top of Mount Bismo

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1NEWS – Warung Mbah Koplak is located at the top of Mount Bismo, Central Java, with an altitude of 2365 meters above sea level, presenting beauty. However, behind all that is full of struggle.

Mbah Koplak admitted that he had to go up and down the mountain every day to sell.

“Every day I leave my house at 7 am, at night I am erratic, sometimes I just don’t go home at the shop,” said Mbah Koplak to 1NEWS in Central Java, Thursday (7/7).

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Not only that, to meet the needs of his shop, Mbah Koplak carried all his shopping himself from the ground up.

“For example, like the mineral water I just brought, there are also two boxes of instant noodles, but I’m used to doing it every day,” he continued.

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The steep climbing path sometimes creates its own obstacles for the 51-year-old man.

“When it rains and is dry, it is the most difficult because the soil is slippery and dusty,” he said.

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The struggle of the man who works as a farmer is still there, voluntarily building his own shop.

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