Nathalie Holscher sues for divorce from Sule, Maia Estianty is held accountable by Warganet

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Shocking news came from Nathalie Holscher. The 29-year-old woman has just filed for divorce from her husband, Ferdinand Sule. This is the aftermath of his feud with Putri Delina which has been going on for the past few weeks.

Had asked for the best for her household with Sule, it turned out that Nathalie had filed for divorce since July 3 last year. on line to the Religious Court

Nathalie Holscher officially files for divorce against Sule

Nathalie Holscher sues for divorce from Sule/credit: @ferdinan_sule

Married in November 2020, Nathalie and Sule’s household journey is not even 2 years old. However, the turmoil in their household seemed unstoppable, so Nathalie filed for divorce.

It is known that the divorce suit was filed by Nathalie on Sunday (3/7) yesterday at the Cikarang Religious Court. The court also confirmed that there were files that went through e-court or by on line related to the divorce suit on behalf of Nathalie Holscher against Sutisna (real name Sule). Their first divorce hearing has been scheduled for July 20.

Previously, Nathalie had left Sule’s residence with her husband’s permission. He wanted to calm himself from his feud with Princess Delina. But unexpectedly, Nathalie’s decision in the end was to part with the comedian.

Hearing the news of the lawsuit, Maia was dragged along. The public holds Maia accountable because her podcast with Putri this feud started

Podcast Maia Estianty with Putri Delina is accused of being the cause / credit: @maiaestiantyreal

Nathalie and Sule’s household turmoil is considered to have started with the broadcast of Maia Estianty’s podcast with Putri Delina. At that time, Putri vented about her life, what she felt, and how her relationship with her mother continued.

Putri admitted that she still remembers the moment of misunderstanding between her and Nathalie that happened a few months before. Moreover, Putri was blasphemed by netizens because she was accused of being the cause of Nathalie’s time to leave the house. He also felt hurt because of his conversation with Sule about his biological mother (Zubaedah) who was the reason Nathalie left the house.

This podcast was then considered by the public to be the beginning of his household turmoil. Moreover, Nathalie was also an invited guest on the Uya Kuya podcast and discussed this. The feud between Putri and Nathalie was getting longer until it finally spread to their marriage.

Warganet also asked Maia to be responsible for what happened at this time. Because Maia’s questions about the relationship between Putri and Nathalie in the past seemed to pick up old wounds in the family.

Until now there has been no response from Maia regarding similar comments that flooded her post.


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