New Persija Players Need Adaptation to Hot Weather in Indonesia

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“It’s great in Europe that it becomes waste in Indonesia, I hope it doesn’t happen to Michael Krmencik.”

1NEWS – The new Kemayoran Tiger players from the Czech Republic, Michael Krmencik, has joined the team’s training at Nirwana Park, Bojongsari, since last week. For three days of training under the coach Thomas Doll, Michael continues to adapt in many ways. Starting from the character of teammates to the hot weather in Indonesia

“I feel good today. My colleagues helped a lot. But the problem is in the weather because the air here is hot. Very different from in Europe. Maybe it will take a week or two for me to adapt and everything will be fine,” Michael said as quoted from

In these three days, Michael was seen doing a lot of finishing exercises and mini games with different game schemes. Although still in the process of adapting, the 29-year-old striker is ready to give his best if he plays when the moment comes, including in the trial party.

“Of course if I have the confidence, I will give my best for the team. I don’t know how many minutes I will play. Maybe 20 minutes, maybe 45 minutes, for sure me, Kudy (Ondrej Kudela) and others will give 100%,” concluded Michael.

Before three days of joining the team, Michael and Kudy received a special training menu during the team’s fight in the 2022 President’s Cup.

(muflih miftahul kamal/muf)