Not Just an Issue, Nathalie Holscher Officially Sues for Divorce Sule, End of Month Will Have Mediation Session

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1NEWS, Depok —

Nathalie Holscher and Sule’s household is now on the brink. As a result of the quarrel with Princess Delina, Nathalie chose to leave her husband’s house until now. There was an issue that said Nathalie wanted to sue for divorce because she was not given a living.

Who would have thought, the issue that was blowing turned out to be true. The marriage, which he has lived since November 2022, is in danger of breaking up after Nathalie filed for divorce from Sule. The divorce suit was registered at the Cikarang Religious Court with case number 2145/pdt.g/2022/PA Cikarang.

This was conveyed directly by Maman Suherman as Cikarang PA Registrar. He announced the schedule for the first divorce trial for Sule and Nathalie. “Both parties were summoned to court on 20 July 2022,” said Maman Suherman, Thursday (7/7).

For the agenda of the inaugural trial, the court scheduled mediation for Sule and Nathalie. “Yes, if both parties or their legal representatives are present, there will be an attempt to mediate“explained Maman Suherman.

Previously, the Cikarang Religious Court confirmed Nathalie Holscher’s divorce suit against Sule. A 29-year-old woman registered a lawsuit through her legal representative from the e-court system on July 3, 2022.

But the lawsuit was only verified by our court system on July 5, 2022,” said Maman Suherman.

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