Observer Affirms Support for PKS to Sue Presidential Threshold to MK

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1NEWS – Communication and political observer Jamiluddin Ritonga supports PKS in filing a 20 percent presidential threshold (PT) lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK).

He emphasized that the Court must accept the lawsuit.

According to him, PKS as a political party certainly has the legal standing to file a 20 percent lawsuit against PT.

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Furthermore, if the 20 percent PT lawsuit is granted by the Court, alternative presidential candidates will emerge.

“Political parties participating in the election can automatically nominate pairs of candidates for president and vice president,” Jamiluddin said to 1NEWS, Thursday (7/7/2022).

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The academic from Esa Unggul University added that if there were many pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates, it would be difficult for the oligarchs to work.

“The oligarchs can no longer dictate the pair of presidential candidates they want,” he stressed.

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The diversity of the presidential and vice presidential candidates can also minimize the political polarization on the ground.

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