Outraged to hear the Confession of the Victim of Harassment Julianto Eka, Deddy Corbuzier Regrets Ever Invited the Perpetrator

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Julianto Eka's harassment case

Cases of harassment always make anyone angry at the perpetrator. Especially if the culprit is a person who used to have image positive and inspiring. This is how it feels podcaster Deddy Corbuzier, who recently invited the victim of harassment, a motivator with the initials JE, to di podcast-his.

After hearing the sad stories of the victims and the perpetrators’ depraved actions, Deddy even felt sorry that he had invited JE to his show. The story of this victim is also widely discussed by the public after being appointed in Close The Door podcast podcast on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel which aired yesterday Thursday (6/7). This is the story of the victims, which makes Deddy furious.

Deddy was furious to hear the victim’s story, that the defendant motivated the victim first before carrying out his lewd act

For information, this case of harassment by JE alias Julianto Eka has appeared to the public since May 2021. The act of harassment was carried out on his students at the school that JE had founded. The thing that made Deddy the most strange was the news that the perpetrator had motivated the victim before launching his action.

“There are words that I think are very strange, before you were wronged, kissed, opened your pants, they said you were motivated first? What does it mean?” asked Deddy surprised.

This was confirmed by one of the victims. JE always gives positive affirmations, promises success, and gives comfort to children who do not have parents. For your information, the school is a special school for orphans and from underprivileged families.

“When I went to school there, (JE) was already intense, often looking for young seeds to educate. I was called to his room, my friends too, one by one, were motivated,” said one victim.

The victim revealed that the persuasion given by the perpetrator was in the form of motivation to become a successful person. Moreover, the victim who did not have a father figure made him view Julianto Eka as a parent who deserves to be obeyed and imitated. Until finally Julianto Eka started to hug the victim, but the victim felt like he was being hugged by his own father. When the depraved act begins, the victim can’t do anything.

“(JE said) trusting firmly, firmly will help lift your economy. Hugs are normal, but why do you have to kiss my cheek, forehead, then he kisses my lips. I was really shocked, but I couldn’t do anything at that time,” continued the victim’s story.

The perpetrator continued to carry out his actions by providing motivation until a month after the first harassment, the victim was raped in the dormitory at night. According to the confession of one of the victims, the perpetrators were not only him and his friend who were also present at the event Close The Doorbut there are many other friends who until now have not dared to speak.

The suspect is still undergoing legal proceedings, but there are irregularities that prevent him from being arrested

The two victims talking on the Close The Door podcast | Screenshot of Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel

The case of harassment against this high school student has been sticking out to legal channels since last year, but it turns out that the legal process is not clear. According to the victim, the case is still rolling in the Malang District Court, East Java.

“I am not allowed to submit photo evidence or recordings, while JE is allowed to submit new evidence, I don’t know what,” said one of the victims.

The victim also revealed that although the perpetrator has been named a defendant, no arrests have been made so far. This made Deddy even more furious, and promised to guard the case so that the perpetrators would receive the appropriate punishment.

Launching from Wow, cool, The chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait, who served as a companion to the victims, also confirmed that Julianto Eka had not been detained until now, even though he was proven guilty. This made Arist suspect that there were irregularities in the legal process. It is possible that Julianto Eka committed fraud so that he could be released from prison.

The figure of Julianto Eka, the motivator for the founder of a school for underprivileged children

Julianto Eka

Portrait of Julianto Eka | Photo from Commons Wikimedia by Merchedez Benz 18

Julianto Eka’s name before this case emerged a year ago, was known as a motivator and founder of a school for underprivileged and orphaned children in Batu, East Java. The Good Morning Indonesia High School which he founded even inspired many people, because the concept of entrepreneurship is according to the skills of students, even the school is free.

He has also been awarded as an inspirational figure in Kick Andy Heroes. Even the story was once made into a big screen film entitled Say I Love Youand starring some of the top actors and actresses.

Now, even though it has been 13 years since the incident of sexual harassment, the victims are still traumatized. Moreover, there are those who have been raped many times. So do not be surprised if the public is again angered by the depraved actions of the perpetrators.


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