Pratama Arhan Asks Indonesian Netizens to Respect Tochigi FC

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“Again, trash on people’s accounts and shame.”

1NEWSPrimary Arhan just debuted together Tokyo Verdy in the J2 League. Ex-player PSIS Semarang he played in an unusual position, namely playing as a right winger.

Tokyo Verdy was able to beat the host Tochigi SC in the 25th week of the J2 League at Kanseki Stadium, Utsunomiya, Wednesday (06/07/2022). This result brought Tokyo Verdy up to 9th position in the standings with 35 points.

Playing as a starter for Tokyo Verdy, while on the field Arhan was able to create several important chances and no doubt he was also confronted by Tochigi SC players, one of whom was Kenta Fukumori.

Getting a long pass from his team mate, Arhan tried to catch the ball that went into the Tochigi SC penalty area, but he seemed to have a duel with Fukumori and then both of them fell.

In the rebroadcast of the incident, it appears that Fukumori deliberately wanted to bring down Arhan because the Indonesian national team player was likely to be able to steal the ball and this had made Arhan emotional. Luckily the player from Blora didn’t do anything to harm the team by fighting back.

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However, Primary Arhan only played for 45 minutes. The Garuda Squad player was then replaced by Mizuki Arai after the halftime break.

After the match, the comment column for Tochigi SC’s Instagram account, @tochigisc_official, was enlivened by blasphemy by Indonesian netizens.

Something that is not worthy and makes Primary Arhan very disappointed.

He asked Indonesian fans to be mature and stop blaspheming.

“For the supporters, please cooperate, to respect each other & stop blaspheming Tochigi FC, especially a player named Fukumori. Things like this make me personally sad,” wrote Arhan through his IG Instastory.

“With his cooperation, please respect/appreciate all Jleague players, where I am currently playing. Fukumori is a friend of mine who both love football and we must respect that too”

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