Putri Delina Labels Herself as Shy and Introverted, In fact she gets sarcastic Desta: if you talk like it’s true!

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1NEWS, Depok —

Vincent Rompies and Desta recently invited Rizky Febian as a guest star. In between chats, they discussed his younger sister, Putri Delina. Vincent, who has met Sule’s second child, calls him a shy person, especially when Putri herself admits that she is an introvert.

The princess is still very shy. Yesterday came to the Tonight show with his girlfriend, embarrassed,” said Vincent Rompies, quoted from the Vindes YouTube channel, Thursday (7/7).

Rizky Febian apparently agrees with that. “Yes quiet,” he said.

However, Desta apparently did not agree with her best friend. He actually thought that Princess Delina’s attitude was contrary to her personality which was called shy.

But if he’s shy, he can’t come with his girlfriend on TVDesta joked.I mean, it’s not that shy.”

The snippet of Vincent and Desta’s chat then became a conversation on the Instagram gossip account. Apparently, many netizens agree with Desta’s opinion.

Mak is really Jleb Desta,” said @herayhuni. “But it’s true what Desta said. If you are shy, you can’t dare to hold hands with a guy, keep coming to podcasts,” said @itsarra16.

Desta is really the best, saying that Iky immediately shut up. Wkwkkw, Desta, if you like it, it’s true,” said @n_isnainis.

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