Realizing Father’s Dream, Jihad Ayoub Chooses to Join PSS Sleman

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“Complete the quota of foreign players Laskar Super Elja”

1NEWS – After bringing in Mario Maslac, Ze Valentineand Michelle Chagas, PSS Sleman officially brought in the last chip for the quota of foreign players. Is a player who plays as a defensive midfielder from Lebanon, Ayoub’s Jihadofficially joined the Super Eagle Jawa.

The player who will later wear number 6 for the club nicknamed the Super Elang Jawa previously spent a lot of his career in the Lebanese domestic competition, the 27-year-old footballer was recorded as having played for Al-Ansar FC, Shabab Sahel, Bekaa, and others.

“I joined PSS Sleman because I wanted a new challenge and PSS was the right choice. When I was little, my father always talked and wanted to go to Indonesia. So I hope that this is at the same time realizing his dream,” said Jihad, his nickname at Omah PSS, Sleman, Tuesday (5/7/2022) afternoon.

Jihad’s decision to pursue a career cannot be separated from his memory of the words of his beloved parents. Jihad himself admitted that he had received many offers from countries outside Lebanon but that he had fallen in love with Indonesia.

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“I got a lot of offers outside of Lebanon. However, I prefer Indonesia and PSS because I like the atmosphere in the stadium, especially PSS fans,” he said.

The Venezuelan-born Lebanese player added that he would give 100 percent of his ability to Laskar Sembada.

“My target is to give 100 per cent to the team and help my teammates to win every game. I don’t think about individual targets because I think football is a team sport.”

Regarding adaptation, Jihad felt the need to make further adaptations with his teammates and what the coach wanted from him.

“I’ve been here a few days, so I think it will take some time to adapt and get to know my team-mates and what the coach wants from me. But overall, the people here are very friendly and have shown a lot of love and I’m very grateful for that.”

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