Surprise MIDZY, Ultra Milk Gets ITZY to be the Newest Brand Ambassador! | Kpop Chart

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Brands from Indonesia are taking steps again to attract one idol groups South Korea, which represents the MZ generation, to be its brand ambassador.

Is ITZY, girl group made by JYP Entertainment was chosen by packaged milk product, Ultra Milk, to be their newest face.

ITZY teaser from Ultra Milk (Photo: Instagram ultra_mym)

A series of teasers have been uploaded by Ultra Milk through social media accounts starting on July 1, 2022, showing photo cuts of ITZY members in sequence, starting from Chaeryeong, Yuna, Lia, Yeji, and Ryujin.

Fans guessed that, finally today (07/07), Ultra Milk via the ultra_mym Instagram account uploaded a video showing the behind-the-scenes activities of ITZY’s photoshoot with various variants of Ultra Milk flavors. Charyeong with mocha flavor, Yuna with strawberry, Lia with caramel, Yeji with taro, and Ryujin with chocolate flavor.

Ultra Milk also makes ITZY, MIDZY fans curious about what content Ultra Milk and ITZY will present in the future. Some hope Ultra Milk can release a special edition which will get a special photocard with the packaged milk.

Are you also looking forward to watching the upcoming content from ITZY and Ultra Milk? (1NEWS)