Synopsis of A WIFE’S DIARY SCTV Episode 739 Today Thursday 7 July 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis A WIFE’S DIARY SCTV Episode 739 Today Thursday 7 July 2022

Saskia, Dewa, Nana, Saskia’s mother sat in front of the house. Nana asks how is Saskia’s condition? But instead, Saskia asked back, what are you doing here, Mr. Dewa and Mrs. Nana?

Dewa and Nana finally said that they would help Saskia in any way that Saskia needed. Saskia wants to go to school right? We support all the costs God will bear. Starting from transportation etc. But mother still refuses.

Pasha is working at the Shield of the Gods. In fact, Dewa came to say he wanted to talk to Pasha. Dewa asked Pasha to take care of Saskia. Dewa said that Pasha’s task this time was only to pick up Saskia.

At Cahaya Nanda’s office. Everyone is busy at work. Just then Saras appears to Cahaya Nanda and asks Rani to leave tomorrow for Rani’s birthday. Fajar immediately allowed it, even Fajar said he wanted to prepare a gift for Rani.

The next day, Nana arrived at Saskia’s house with Pasha. And asked, is Saskia ready to go to school now? Pasha is ready to deliver. The trip. Saskia saw the figure of the person who caused Nana’s accident.

The people arrived in front of the headquarters. And come in. Pasha told Saskia to wait. Pasha meets the man and says to hold him accountable. In fact, the thugs came out and Pasha was immediately attacked.


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