Synopsis of CINTA AFTER CINTA Episode 80 Today Thursday 7 July 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis LOVE AFTER LOVE Episode 80 Today Thursday 7 July 2022

Ayu buys vegetables at the vegetable cart. It turned out that Beno approached Ayu. And approach Ayu, seduce Ayu. Until it becomes a spectacle for Ayu’s complex mothers. I’m so ashamed. Joni and Sumi reach near there. Sumi was very emotional. Sumi saw that near the vegetable seller there was a basket filled with vegetable waste. Sumi immediately took it and bruk!! Sumi throws at Ayu and calls Ayu a pelakor! Joni watched with satisfaction and laughed and recorded.

Meanwhile, Starla and Arya are already sitting side by side and Starla tells about the decision she will make for Mas Niko, what do you think about Arya? Starla says if Niko does the same thing again, he will file for divorce.

Ayu is in her room waiting for Niko’s call but it turns out that Niko didn’t call either. There was even a call from Beno. Eh, there was even a call from Grandpa Budek too. Ayu is getting tired and slams the phone.

Nico opened the door to his room and stepped inside. And remembered the memories of Niko, Starla, and Nila. Nico was crying. Niko can’t stand to miss you so much
Nila, also wants to know Nila’s condition after returning from the hospital.

Ayu is annoyed that Niko hasn’t contacted her yet. There’s even a message from Niko. Ayu was immediately very happy, “Finally Niko chatted with me too! Ayu hurriedly opened the message and read the writing on it. Ayu can we meet tomorrow?


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