The Absurd Assumption of a Boy with More than Two Navel Hairs. Said to be very active, Bun~

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Indonesian people from the past until now are indeed famous for unique, funny, and interesting things. random, and absurd that has been believed for generations. One of the most famous among many people until now is the typical assumption of a child based on the number and location of the navel hair they have.

I don’t know where this unique belief came from, but it is clear that it is still widely believed to this day. Starting from the number of navel hair a little and only one or two, to the number more. Well, what is unique is that children with navel hairs have more than two hairs, apparently there is a special opinion from the public regarding this. Have you ever heard of the things below?

They say that if the navel has more than two hairs, usually it will be a lot of behavior alias nosy and really ignorant

Navel hair in children / Credit: Barbershopvutri via

The first assumption that is widely circulated in the wider community about children who have more than two navel hairs means a typical child who is a lot of behavior, nosy, and ignorant. Usually, the ones who often get this stigma are children with three hair navels that are located irregularly or far from each other. Some say they will be very active, they like to act silly, and other things that some people may think are just a fad. Even the name isn’t always right, is it~

There is also a navel hair numbered four! He said the more navel hair, the more naughty it would be. Really bad

Apparently the number of people’s belly button hair varies, and if you think three is the maximum number, then you can be sure that it’s wrong. The reason, although not too much, but there are also children who have hair navel numbered four to six. No idea, right?

Well, they are the ones who often get an absurd stigma in the eyes of society. He said, every child who has between four or more navel hairs, then the boy is believed to have the talent to be someone who is super naughty.

The mother was also hit by the target, if her child has more than two navel hairs, usually many think that the mother during pregnancy must have strange cravings

Hair navel problem / Credit: Lifestyle okezone via

It turns out that the ridiculous bin absurd assumption regarding children’s hair navels doesn’t just stop at the boy himself, because the mother who gave birth to him doesn’t seem to be free from the stigma created in society.

If the child is labeled as a super active child, mostly acting, ignorant, nosy, and gifted to be a naughty child, it is not much different from the mother who used to think that she had strange cravings when she was pregnant. Hmmm. It really has something to do with that, doesn’t it? If during pregnancy the mother has various and unreasonable cravings, will her child automatically have a large number of hair navels? Funny right.

The name is also assumption random that is in the eyes of the community and has never been proven to be 100% true. After all, nowadays, why do people still believe in things like this, I wonder. After all, in fact, there are also many children with more than two navel hairs whose behavior is calm, calm, not a lot of behavior, kind, and certainly not troublesome. So, still want to believe? ️