The love triangle? Chandrika Chika Finally Revealed Her Relationship with Rico Valentino and Nur Alamsyah: Everything…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Celebgram Chandrika Chika until now still dragged in the case of beatings carried out by Siregar’s Son and Rico Valentino against Nur Alamsyah. Long silence, he finally revealed his relationship with Rico and Nur Alamsyah as victims.

Chandrika Chika was present as a witness in the alleged beating case reported by Nur Alamsyah to Rico Valentino and Putra Siregar. Chika, who is said to be involved in a love triangle with Rico and Nur Alamsyah, explained about her status.

Chandrika Chika said her relationship status with Rico Valentino.

“Friends, all are good friends,” said Chika Chandrika at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday (7/7/2022).

So is his status with Nur Alamsyah. She is also only friends with this guy. “All of them are good friends,” he said.

Between the two, Chandrika Chika denied there was a special relationship. He denied that he was the root cause of their dispute at the cafe in the Senopati area.

“Nothing, nothing,” added Chandrika Chika.

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