Today’s 2022 President’s Cup Semifinal First Leg Schedule

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“Record the hours, two decisive matches…”

1NEWS – Here 2022 President’s Cup fixtures and live broadcast on IndosiarThursday 7 July 2022. Decisive match 2022 President’s Cup semifinal first leg bring together PSIS Semarang vs Arema FC and PSS Sleman vs Borneo FC.

PSIS Semarang and Arema FC will face each other in the knock-out phase President’s Cup 2022 which determine. PSIS Semarang came as the host to host Arema FC at Jatidiri Stadium, Semarang. The atmosphere of the newly renovated stadium was great.

This match will kick-off at 15.30 WIB, with live broadcasts on Indosiar and live streaming on Vidio. And, it is considered an ideal final because of the achievements of both teams in the group stage to the quarter-finals.

Furthermore, after that match, PSS Sleman will host Borneo FC in Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman. The match will be broadcast live at 20.00 WIB on Indosiar and live streaming on Vidio.

It’s worth waiting for how far PSS Sleman will go. Because, Super Eagle Java not really that great. They face a club that always wins and excels at home during the 2022 President’s Cup pre-season tournament.

(andri ananto/you)