After 1-1 draw, AFF, Thailand and Vietnam social media accounts flooded with blasphemy

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“Indonesian netizens are back in action, pouring out their frustration…”

1NEWS – 1-1 . draw Vietnam U-19 with Thailand U-19 at the Madya Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, making Indonesian supporters very disappointed, even though young Garuda successfully beat Myanmar U-19 5-1. As a form of outlet, netizens showered AFF, Thailand, and Vietnam’s social media accounts.

Group phase 2022 AFF U-19 Cup officially ended. Indonesia certainly failed to advance to the semifinals after losing to goal productivity in the mini head to head regulation involving three teams with the same points.

Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia all have 11 points from three wins and two draws. Although Indonesia has a better goal productivity, the regulations decide that Vietnam and Thailand will represent Group A against Laos and Malaysia in Group B.

This result was met with great disappointment. The Red-White supporters immediately showered the social media accounts of AFF, Thailand and Vietnam with various harsh words. The majority believe this is a big conspiracy to get rid of Indonesia and the tournament.

The words “AFF Mafia”, “cheating”, “match fixing”, “settings”, and proposals for account reports have been circulating in cyberspace since the Vietnam vs Thailand and Myanmar vs Indonesia matches ended.

The main disappointment for Indonesian supporters is the non-transparent rules. In addition, suspicion of flirting between Vietnam and Thailand. The reason is, by getting rid of Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand’s steps to advance to the final are wide open in front of their eyes.

(andri ananto/you)