Chronology of the Accident Experienced by Charly Van Houten on the Padalarang Toll Road

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1NEWS – Charly Van Houten and the Setia Band crew had an accident on the Padalarang toll road on Saturday (9/7) early in the morning. The car he was traveling in was wrecked in the front. According to a close relative, after the car accident Charly was fine and did not suffer any injuries.

Charly also told the chronology of the accident she had with the Setia Band crew. They seem to have just returned from show in Bangka

“It happened at 12 o’clock at night on the Cipularang toll road. Finish home from a concert in Bangka Belitung,” said Charly Van Houten, Sunday (10/7).

Charly said, on the way, the car that the Setia Band crew was traveling in hit a truck. They were about to overtake the truck in front of them, but unfortunately the car in front suddenly took the right lane without giving a sign.

The truck in front of him was also about to overtake on the right side of the road.

The car in which Charly Van Houten was traveling did not have time to hit the brakes. Until it finally hit

“Suddenly when we want to gutsp, suddenly the truck turns to the right without give code. So finally direct crash not to the brakes,” explained Charly Van Houten.

Charly Van Houten added, after show in Bangka Belitung, he stopped by Melanie Subono’s house to create content. After Melanie Subono’s house, Charly Van Houten and Setia Band were about to return to Bandung.

Landing from Bangka at 2 pm, continue to Melanie Subono’s house because there is a content shoot. Finish it’s 7 pm me go to Bandung,” concluded Charly Vanhouten.



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